Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sunny Skies In London

London in sunshine is absolutely gorgeous!
It becomes a city which you can slowly stroll around enjoying the view and people watching, my favourite past-time.
After getting an early train down and booking into our hotel at 2 in Covent Gardens, we didn’t really have a plan of what we wanted to do. So we did just that and took a ‘stroll’ through London.
I say stroll in inverted comers as I now have blisters on my blisters!
Our first port of call was Trafalgar Square, where in typical London style there was a massive stage set up, hundreds of people and interesting stalls and music from Indonesia.

There was definitely a few celebrities from Indonesia judging from the loud cheers of the crowds, there was such a buzz and excited vibe around the place which can only be achieved in a city!
After several posed photographs (with me leaving for 6 months I want as many photos as possible) our next walking journey took us to The Mall and onwards to Buckingham Place.


As I haven’t been to London without business for a long time I haven’t had the opportunity to be a tourist in London for a while. So that’s exactly what we were in London today.
Big Ben


London Eye


Even the squirrels in St James Park and the bubble lady at South Bank got paparazzi style photographed.

 However upon finding no food in my hand the squirrel decided I wasn’t worth his time sadly.
After attempting to find an empty seat on South Bank to get a drink and failing. We attempted to find a bus to get us back to Covent Garden to our hotel. We also failed at that, ending up walking some more and getting a bus from somewhere that definitely wasn’t South Bank to somewhere that definitely wasn’t Covent Gardens.
Luckily we managed to get the tube finally and make it back to our hotel before my sister and her boyfriend joined us, to have a quick half an hour rest of our feet before you guessed it going for a walk to find somewhere to eat.
** It’s important to note throughout all this walking that we all had day tickets for the tube and bus… which we used once!

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